Current mandated health orders for Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar Lambton Park Sunday 28 November 2021:

We hope you have been keeping safe and well again this crazy year. We look forward to Art Bazaar starting up again next month on Sunday 28 November at Lambton Park.

Please note that current health orders are mandated which means fines will be issued to stallholders and the markets if we do not abide by them. The current mandate states that all stallholders must be double vaccinated to attend and our understanding is that anyone visiting the event must also be double vaccinated. All stallholders, committee members, customers and any person who is eligible for Covid-19 vaccinations who will be attending the event must be fully vaccinated to attend Art Bazaar on Sunday 28 November unless exempt under the public health orders. Please refer to below NSW Health orders from the NSW Health website:

These premises must be closed to unvaccinated adults:

– higher risk premises
– business premises that are hairdressers, spas, nail salons, beauty salons, waxing salons, tanning salons, tattoo parlours or massage parlours
– recreation facilities (indoors)
– public swimming pools
– information and education facilities
– retail premises, but not critical retail premises
– business premises that are auction houses (excluding agricultural auctions)
– business premises that are betting agencies
– gaming lounges
– markets that do not predominantly sell food
– properties operated by the National Trust or the Historic Houses Trust.

For more information visit

Stallholders are selected based on the originality and quality of their wares – so there’s plenty to capture your imagination. Bring the family or meet up with friends to wander the stalls to find unique gifts or treat for yourself, and meet the local Hunter makers and artists.

By purchasing direct from the makers you’ll be supporting their work after what’s been another difficult year and you get to take home a one-of-a kind treasure or get in early with your Christmas shopping!

All stallholders are members of Hunter Arts Network. The event showcases their unique, handmade artisan goods including a wide variety of carefully selected stalls featuring premium local artisan handmade products. Art Bazaar has cemented it’s reputation since 2002 as the event that showcases the Hunter’s creative & vibrant art community that locals & visitors look forward to several times every year. Food trucks, coffee and entertainment is also on offer. HAN is run by a dedicated committee of volunteers who have also worked hard to celebrate all modalities of visual arts

Some of the Hunter Arts Network members who will be setting up stalls at Art Bazaar on Sunday 28 November include:

Janet Graham Pottery
Allys glass chimes
Janet Graham Pottery
Zoë Colour
Natalie Kube fine jewellery
Art for the Soul
Fig Design
Fine Lines by Laura
Karen Scott Murals
Bruce Roxburgh, abstract works on paper- detailed textured drawings
Tinkat Alley Art Studio
Dianna Kellerman Arts
Gwynneth JonesIllustration
Fancy Nancy Ceramics
Chris’s Creations
Cherry On Top Designs
Sam Blanks Illustration
Dan Bianco Art
Hairy Phish
kimsol digitalart
Margo Humphries Art
Sharon Williams and Kellie Hornby-Howell
Kimberly Swan Artist
Catherine White
Mi -Chell’s
Warped n Twisted Creations
Henrietta Mooney & Victoria Dixon – Natural History Illustrators, and the Hunter Region Field Naturalists & Nature Journaling Club
Anna Baba
Leadlight By Linda
CARTER, Kristine
CURREN, Suzanne
MOONEY, Henrietta
ATKINSON, Justine & Nola
GRIEVES, Max & Bronwyn
Lambo Art
Lindsey’s Art Of Nature

Food stalls:
Crescent Star Food


New paintings!

I’ve just completed these two new paintings! They are available for purchase now

Acrylic and ink on canvas, ready to hang
26cm x 31cm
AU$50.00 unframed
Acrylic and ink on canvas, ready to hang
25cm x 30cm
AU$50.00 unframed

Hot Deals!

Get your Art Bazaar fix online! 😍

I am one of the Hunter Arts Network members who was set to have a stall at this Sunday’s Art Bazaar which we’ve had to cancel while we experience this state-wide lockdown❌

With this month’s Art Bazaar Lambton Park cancelled it’s still easy to shop, just head to my website to view products available now:

😊 More specials will be added soon

Stay healthy and happy and we look forward to seeing you when this is over.


The next Hunter Arts Network’s Art Bazaar which was due to be held at Lambton Park on Sunday 29 August has been cancelled due to the latest Covid-19 health concerns and restrictions. This was a difficult decision which the committee has had to make for the second year in a row. Keeping the community safe and healthy is everyone’s priority at present and the committee is hoping conditions will improve and permit the Christmas Art Bazaar to go on in late November.

Art Bazaar fans are still able to support their favourite Hunter-based artisans by purchasing their work online on Hunter Arts Network’s recently launched Find a Creative website. Hunter Arts Network members have been catalogued online to enable search by modality. To purchase work in the meantime from Art Bazaar artisans online visit

Members who had paid their stall fee for 29 August will have their payment credited to their account which can be applied to future Art Bazaars or membership. If any members would prefer to have the stall fee refunded please email
The Hunter Arts Network thanks you for your continued support and understanding and wish the best of health to everyone in this difficult time. The committee hopes to see everyone as soon as we are allowed. Take care and stay safe.

My first NFT has just been listed!

My first listing now for sale is an animation of my original painting “Arctic Voodoo”.

Current price Ξ 1

Purchase here

This is a completely unique NFT by Margo Humphries which can be owned by a single person. You cannot buy the painting itself, but an animated version is available as an NTF token in a single copy. The NFT token with this animated painting will be listed only once.

Purchase unlocks 28.8 MB .mp4 file download

The animation was created using Photoshop, 300 dpi, 9000 pixels wide x 12615 pixels high.

The original painting was painted in 2005, acrylic on paper, original painting size 15cm×20cm. The original painting is not available as the original has been sold.

Coming soon – Crypto Art (NFT’s)

Margo Humphries has always wanted to bring her artworks to life and now that her 2D works are becoming animated it is exciting to see how they move. To share these with the world they will be available exclusively through the Ethereum blockchain.

Crypto art collectibles are also known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Like Bitcoin, NFTs are cryptocurrencies. But whereas individual bitcoins all have the same value, NFTs are more like baseball cards. Each token has a different value and they can’t be used to buy things. They exist on your computer as digital representations of artworks, songs, films and games, and other things.

NFTs have been around since 2017. An NFT is a work of art that has no tangible form, and exists only as a digital token that’s no more “real” than a file on your computer.

When you buy an NFT, you’re buying a unique certificate of ownership, which is locked away on an immutable distributed database known as a blockchain. The creator of the artwork generally retains the copyright and in most cases, you own little more than bragging rights. Creators are also likely to pass the costs for creating your NFT files (“minting” them) on to you (around US$120).

NFTs depend on a blockchain. Ethereum is a blockchain secured using a similar proof-of-work system to Bitcoin. This involves an energy-intensive computer function called mining. Specialist mining computers take turns guessing the combination to a digital lock (a long string of random digits). The computer that correctly guesses the combination wins a reward paid in a cryptocurrency called Ether. The digital lock resets roughly every 15 seconds, and the competition continues. Due to the competitive nature of proof-of-work mining, booming NFT markets are encouraging the construction of reliable coal-fired power stations, so that crypto miners don’t have to suffer intermittent access to renewable generation.

The collection will be available here:

Upcoming in 2021: Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar Lambton Park

Art Bazaar has cemented it’s reputation as the event since 2002 that showcases the Hunter’s creative & vibrant art community that locals & visitors look forward to four times every year. These are the upcoming dates where you can shop for my original paintings. Look for the stall with the yellow canopy:

Lambton Park Sunday 29 August 2021
Lambton Park 28 November 2021

Treat yourself to a wide variety of carefully selected stalls featuring premium handmade products or get in early for Christmas shopping.

Hunter Arts Network is a non-profit incorporated membership of artisans from the Hunter. HAN is run by a dedicated committee of volunteers who have also worked hard to celebrate all modalities of visual arts

Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar Speers Point Park today

Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar was held today at Speers Point Park. I had a stall with my original paintings for sale. We saw steady crowds for the day however unfortunately due to the strong winds that weren’t easing up and becoming dangerous we had to pack up two hours early. Here are some photos from today’s event: