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Splash of colour easis the daily grind – The Herald 18/12/15

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MARGO Humphries is the guest artist at Belmont’s Gallery & Grind during January and February.

Gallery & Grind is a family-run business that incorporates both a cafe and an art gallery in the one space.

Born and raised in Taree, at the age of 12 she entered the Walkom-Manning Art Prize and won the Children of the Manning Youth Award with Wingham Brush. Her hobby became a profession in 2009 when she started her business, Kasarn Designs.

In 2011 Margo was one of 10 artists selected for the Mattara Festival’s inaugural Outdoor Art Exhibition, and her Look up in the Sky Tonight was draped over Newcastle Panthers.

She has had solo exhibitions at Suspension Espresso, Islington; Finite Gallery, Caves Beach; Tartuca Espresso Bar Bistro, Denman; and Goodness Me Organics, Adamstown.

Margo paints with acrylics and has only recently discovered ink. She paints recognisable objects and scenes with an abstract twist, and finds joy in painting subjects with great colours. Visit Margo’s website:

Gallery & Grind is located at 600 Pacific Highway, Belmont. It is is open Monday to Friday, 5.30am to 3pm; Saturday and Sunday, 7am to 3pm.

New Arts Zine – I am the Featured Artist for my Denman Exhibition

Eric & Robyn Werkhoven proudly launched their email ARTS ZINE on 1 October 2013. For the first monthly issue of STUDIO LA PRIMITIVE ARTS ZINE please email

I appear in the first edition as the featured artist for my current exhibition at Denman!

Artists and writers are welcome to make submissions related to the Arts & subscribers are welcome to forward the Arts Zine on to other arts lovers Visit their website

Social Life Magazine interview for Denman exhibition

Social/Life Magazine Newcastle interviewed me yesterday for my current exhibition at Chocolate Hills – Tartuca Espresso Bar Bistro !!!margo-october-exhibition/c13wr

Is there a particular theme for your paintings displayed at the exhibition? and if so why?
A strong point for my first exhibition in the Upper Hunter is it’s diverse subject & style. The exhibition has a loose theme if any but this has helped in unifying the space in creating an unexpected and total environment in which to view the paintings, the exhibition & venue are in concert!

While not sticking to any one categorization – oscillating between surrealism, realism, abstract & expressionism, the works address topics that are genuinely specific to painting, such as light and composition, & colour which relies on precise calibration and subtle shifts in hue and tone to achieve its impact. I think this makes the exhibition unavoidably take up the space in a fabulous way and be in conversation with one another. I’m sure if they could talk I’d like to think my paintings could sing from the walls!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Seeing other artistic or creative content is inspiring & leads me to paint more, whether it is a real subject or a vision that has flashed into my head. Nature also inspires me, as well as anything that can result in a happy, joyful or cheerful composition.

What kind of materials did you use to create the paintings?
I will use almost anything to achieve the desired finishes, including trimming paint brushes to pretty much only one bristle, skewers, sponges, toothbrushes, shaving brushes, & even eyebrow brushes! I have created a mixture of works on both canvas & paper. I’ve used watercolour & oil but mostly paint with acrylic. More recently I’ve found ink to be a great medium so stay tuned for the unveiling of these works!

Do you have a favourite object, view or theme you enjoy painting?
My work varies a lot from traditional to bringing forth experimental artistic approaches. I paint to my own taste & while not having one classification I draw more attention to the bright, colourful, vibrant, & mostly graphic elements. Topics vary from landscapes, nature, still lifes to abstract.

What do you love about art the most?
I enjoy the journey painting takes me on & the satisfaction when complete. What painting can be is about exploring, escaping, expanding & expressing. I’ve presented a generous body of work locally & having an ambition to produce so much more creativity can only broaden the audience & it’s a great feeling knowing that it is being appreciated.