The Stubborn Scorpio – Article in The Herald!

This is where I have my paintings for sale right now! Read the article in this week’s Newcastle Herald for The Stubborn Scorpio!

Heather Scott is living her dream.

For the past 12 years the coffee lover, artist and mother-of-two has had an idea brewing away in the back of her mind. Why not combine all her passions in the one business?

And so The Stubborn Scorpio Cafe and Art House was born. The funky little cafe opened in July at what was formerly known as The Mosh Pit on Cardiff’s Main Road.

“It was a matter of opportunity and timing,” Scott told Food & Wine.

“I had been working at The Mosh Pit for three years as a barista when my boss decided to sell the cafe part of her business. I couldn’t stand the idea of a stranger coming in and possibly destroying the heart and soul of the place.

“I also didn’t like my chances of finding another job I loved as much as this one.”

She has “spent her entire working life” in hospitality.

“Straight out of school I started at the Newcastle University Union where for the next 10 years I did every kind of food and beverage job there was,” she explained.

“I had a seven-year break when I had my children and The Mosh Pit came along when I was desperate to find myself again after being a single parent for so many years. It saved me. I hope I can create something just as special and important for someone else.”

The food offering is a collaboration with a friend and talented cook.

“We brainstorm ideas constantly. We are very much on the same wavelength and love food made from scratch that is healthy and delicious.”

The Stubborn Scorpio has a set breakfast and lunch menu but all sorts of specials can pop up on the cafe’s Facebook page without warning. The takeaway hummus and vegetable sticks, for example, have been popular at $5 a tub.

“We are certainly not a vegan-only cafe however the demand is growing and we love to provide a variety of options,” Scott said.

The cafe is as much about supporting the local arts community as it is about good coffee and food. Artists can exhibit their works in the in-house gallery and many are offered for sale.

“We display and sell artworks of all types from exclusively local artists,” she said.

“These people are our customers, friends of friends or people who live down the road. I wanted to provide an outlet for artists, for people who are trying to turn a hobby into a career. To give someone a start.”


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