Buy Got Naden T-Shirt

So it hasn’t even been a week since his capture & I’ve already designed a Naden T-shirt.

All things aside this bloke must be pretty clever to survive in the bush for 7 years on the run, we could learn a few bush survival skills from him.

If you think this is unethical should I donate all or part of the net profit from these shirts to some sort of victims of crime charity? Does anyone recommend any beneficiaries like this?

I recently entered one of my other T-shirt designs in Redbubble’s competition for New York band The Big Sleep for their gig at SXSW in Austin, Texas on 15 March 2012. I was pleased that my entry, The Line Up, received enough votes by Redbubble members to make the TOP 20. The band selected the winning Tee from this final cut.

Recently, Sydney artist Rodney Pople recently won the $35,000 Glover Prize for his controversial Martin Bryant painting saying that as an artist he saw it as his role to sometimes bring issues up that were uncomfortable.

Another member on Redbubble last year was selling Ivan Milat kids clothing

Buy Got Naden T-shirt
Buy Got Naden T-shirt by Margo Humphries – Click here to purchase on Redbubble

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