Look up in the sky tonight

Look up in the sky tonight by Margo Humphries

Artist: Margo Humphries
Acrylic on paper

Unframed original & Licensing available
Please contact margo@kasarndesigns.com

This painting was selected to be draped over Newcastle Panthers for the Mattara Festival’s inaugural Outdoor Art Gallery in 2011. There were 10 buildings & artists chosen for the art trail, the first of it’s kind in Australia. My canvas is 4.8m x 7.5m. The artworks in artist trail were selected as they embody the lifestyle, spirit and community of Newcastle & will pay homage to local artists and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mattara. Visit http://mattarafestival.com.au/

Description of artwork & how it sits within Mattara’s theme

“My slightly surreal artwork loosely explores the relationships that we have with each other, where we belong and what we do. This is represented by mystical characters floating and coming together. They are surrounded by a built environment. The result is a painting that is both intriguing and otherworldly.

My artwork is abstract enough to allow the viewer to perceive these are urban beings that are connecting. These beings also take on the form of large hands that are reaching out to each other, which links to Mattara, meaning hand. Also like Mattara, these denote the hand of friendship. There is a sense of convivia and automation in the painting which can relate to both the warm and welcoming community and industry found in Newcastle. The artwork leaves you with the feeling that the built environment surrounding the beings has come to life with them.”


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